Founded in March 2000, EDiMA was set up by 15 companies to serve as a European trade association and government representation entity on issues that impact their business and the innovative sector.

EDiMA follows and is involved with regulatory and policy developments affecting the online sector, specifically those which currently relate to content online, intellectual property rights in the online environment, the liability regime for Internet intermediaries and consumer rights issues related to e-Commerce, privacy and security online.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to policy and regulatory developments towards the realisation of a EU digital single market that ensures European consumers are provided with the benefits offered by the Internet sector. Legislative decisions and developments may impose substantial technical and financial burdens on new media companies, and may adversely affect the growth of the market. EDiMA therefore acts in order to influence the resolution of these issues in a way that preserves the interests of its members and the Internet community.

Engagement with the Institutions

EDiMA maintains an ongoing dialogue with relevant EU officials, including those within the European Commission, Member State Permanent Representations, and the European Parliament. Currently, this includes discussions and engagement on such issues as the EU copyright review, audiovisual media services, the contracts for the supply of digital content or ePrivacy .