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EDiMA reaction to the Council agreement on Copyright

Copyright Agreement in Council: Parliament now holds the responsibility of finding a solution that works for EU consumers and businesses


Brussels, May 25th, 2018 EDiMA [1] is disappointed in the agreement reached in Council today. We are concerned that this outcome represents a worrying disregard for evidence-based policy-making, leaving a number of technical details unresolved.

Today’s mandate is based on a compromise text which introduces a new neighbouring right for press publishers which will extend to the smallest extracts of text, despite overwhelming stakeholder opposition and irrefutable evidence that this right does not increase remuneration for press publishers nor contribute to quality journalism in Europe. It is even more concerning that this new right is based on an untested criterion of “economic significance”, which represents an unprecedented broadening of the original proposal that ignores the freedom of information and runs the risk of creating a copyright protection for facts.

Adding to these concerns, in an attempt to address a perceived flaw in the transfer of value online, the final text reinterprets both “communication to the public” as defined by the InfoSoc Directive and the “limited liability regime” as stipulated in the e-Commerce Directive – all without the support of an in-depth Impact Assessment and without stakeholder involvement. EDiMA has repeatedly joined a consensus of stakeholders to voice our concerns for the unintended consequences of these proposals, to no avail.


The following can be attributed to EDiMA Director General Siada El Ramly:

“Both the Commission and the Presidency have made no secret of their desire to quickly conclude discussions on the copyright file in the past few weeks. It is a great pity that this political pressure has prevailed over the national experts’ and attachés’ careful deliberations, and that Ministers were bypassed in the final discussion. We appreciate the tireless work of the attachés throughout these discussions and regret that their work had to come to such an abrupt halt. We hope that the European Parliament will be able to take a strong stand against a one sided approach that will cause unprecedented  and long-lasting harm to European consumers and businesses”.

[1] EDiMA is the European trade association representing online platforms and other innovative businesses. It is an alliance of new media and Internet companies whose members include Airbnb, Allegro, Amazon EU, Apple, eBay, Expedia, Facebook, Google, King, Microsoft, Mozilla, Oath, OLX, Snap Inc., TripAdvisor, Twitter, Veon Digital and Yelp. EDiMA’s members provide Internet and new media platforms offering European consumers a wide range of online services, including e-content, media, e-commerce, communications and information/search services.


EDiMA reaction to Council agreement on copyright

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