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EDiMA Reaction to Plenary Vote on Copyright Report

Strasbourg, 12 September 2018 – TODAY, in Strasbourg, the European Parliament has voted in favour of a copyright directive that will restrict the access of European citizens to share news online and will force the filtering of citizens’ uploads.

The measures adopted today are remarkably similar to those already rejected by a majority of MEPs last July and this is both disappointing and surprising.

In the lead up to July, thousands of citizens voiced their concerns on these proposals and again ahead of this vote. It’s disappointing that their voices have not been heeded by MEPs.


“The neighbouring right will restrict the sharing of news online and the upload filter will restrict user uploads. These are bad outcomes for European citizens.”

“We hope that the concerns of EU citizens, and all of the academics, small publishers, startups, and the UN, that have been expressed will still be taken into account during the next stage of negotiations. We look forward to working with everyone involved in the aim of a better outcome for all” said Siada El Ramly, Director General of EDiMA.


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